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M41: 1 – 7 May 2021

hundreds-of-youths-break-fast-in front-of-parliament-to-demand-its reopening 30th April 2021 :
Calling for democracy to prevail, the youths also carried placards with the message “Buka puasa, buka Parlimen” Rakyat Bangkit! The stated 6 demands are………..

RAMADAN: a time of grace to reflect on greed


Malaysia: a case of towering economy but struggling populace world bank Poverty and Equity Group: Aiming High: Navigating the Next Stage of Malaysia’s Development report

INEQUALITY IN CLIENTEL CAPITALISM storm: some comments on the World Bank Poverty and Equity Group’s report

Race-Religion-and-Royalty: will-it-make-or-break-the-Malays steadyaku47 the very fabric that should bind the Malays, is also the harbinger of its own doom ……..

multilateral-investment facilitation-agreement will help advance development Karl P Sauvant, Columbia University : measures that facilitate FDI flows, but also measures that directly enhance the developmental impact of FDI in host countries – to include a strong reference to responsible business conduct in host countries requiring signatories not only to encourage foreign investors to voluntary incorporate internationally recognised standards into their business practices and internal policies……


Indifference or a sense of arrogance

At time of crises democracy accountability and compassion must prevail

what are our schools really teaching

Malaysia’s covid response plan why so slow


PAPER TIGER david frum : China is a Paper Dragon –
U.S. policy makers should look to the future with a little more confidence and a lot more trust in trade, markets, and the superior potential of a free people….


EU: aims to cut foreign reliance-on-chips cut its dependency on Chinese and other foreign suppliers in six strategic areas including raw materials, pharmaceutical ingredients and semiconductors…..


EU: drop discriminatory practices detriment of the EU’s interests as it will inevitably dampen the enthusiasm of Chinese companies to do business in Europe, and thus diminish the role that they can play in job creation and post-pandemic recovery……


Biden’s foreign policy and nuclear weapons: a dialogue

MODI is singularly responsible for India’s pandemic disaster

Israel and Apartheid HRW is highlighting that Israeli “authorities have dispossessed, confined, forcibly separated, and subjugated Palestinians by virtue of their identity to varying degrees of intensity.”

will Guantanamo ever-be-shut-down

Corona in cow-land INDIA critical counterpunch □□ China’s vaccine diplomacy is winning Suisheng Zhao, University of Denver ■■■ India covid need scientific-integrity not sensationalism globalresearch ■■■ Reaching Herd Immunity in USA unlikely newyorktimes ■■■ US-and-EU-must-waive-the patents ips journal ■■■ Top Gloves shipment seized malaymail: US CBP has seized a shipment of 3.97 million nitrile disposable gloves from Top Glove, estimated worth (RM$2.1M), on indications they were made by forced labour….■■■
Deaths no less than a Genocide thehindu

WHY Malaysia lagging behind Vaccination Rollout theedgemarkets ●●● Where are the Vaccines codeblue

LYNAS – AN ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS EXCURSION storm : with the permanent deposit facility site rejected, it’s Bukit Merah again – ☠☠☠ radioactive in Gebeng

India urges US to end vaccine apartheid truthout ■■■


ASIA re-inventing global trade Bilahari Kausikan, NUS Middle East Institute : Global supply chains have largely remained intact, with more intensive use of IT is thus underpinning resilience and competitive efficiency. The future of foreign investment and global supply chains in Asia, the change in the foreign investment and international production landscape seems likely to be less than have supposed, David Dollar argues in a lead article

QUAD beyond military dimensions John Blaxland and Ashok Sharma, ANU : “The Quad has responded with diplomatic signalling and soft balancing. Much more will be required for it to have a significant and enduring effect. India has found common cause with Japan, the United States and Australia to deter further Chinese encroachment, but a military focus alone will not suffice.


Democracies including EU need better functioning better results since the start of the ‘multiple crisis’ in 2008, democracy is less and less a concept in which a part of the population look for solutions. Populists and strongmen are offering shortcuts. Instead of à conversation, a constructive competition of ideas…………

Serbia, fake news is spread by state-backed media

an EU-ownednew-deal for the post-covid world There is significant economic and social divergence among the 27 member states that pre-existed the current crisis and that could widen yet further in its aftermath; and on the global level, despite the EU having openly stated its geopolitical aspirations, it is still an incomplete power….

Press Freedom: eastern Europe EURACTIV


Stop to the Cartel Culture market monopoly and manipulation when “big business”  controls the wholesale supply….existence of a cartel or clique within the PDRM…..purging our society of the cartel culture is indeed an indefatigable effort……

torture and murder in police custody when will this barbarism end 👺 shocking allegation of “prison inmates pepper-sprayed on their private parts during quarantine”.……

AirAsia drifts from flying owes shareholders a logical explanation: how the group’s virtual idol, Aozora Kurumi, can boost the performance of the budget carrier 🤣 when tens of thousands of passengers seeking refund for flights that never took off 🛬

Extremism Israel counterpunch


PACIFIC POWER INDEX foreignpolicy :👉 From moguls to migrants, Harvard to Huawei: 50 people shaping the future of the U.S.-China relationship ✊

EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT MEMBER China has made remarkable human progress “while not invading, or bombing or sanctioning any countries to death,” and its experiences offer inspiration for other countries.
“But you know what? I can’t help feeling that we are being led along by the nose by the Americans who have a vested interest in challenging China at the moment not because China is a threat to the security of the American people… But China is a threat to their financial supremacy,” he said.”

sino-german: government talks dialogue and cooperation-china-german Mercator Institute for China Studies

Global Military spending reached highest level in Decades COunterCurrent : military spending around the world has increased to unprecedented level since 1988 despite economic suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the U.S. was ahead of all the countries again, finds Trends in World Military Expenditure, 2020, the latest report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).


us-and-britain-tell-china-and-russia-the-west-is-not-over yet EURACTIV ■■■ war-drums-missing-a-beat The War Drum Symphony playing over the waves of the South China Sea has many movements with ups and downs that include crescendos and decrescendo.  For the sake of world peace, the symphony should go into diminuendo (low volume and slow)

Muslims are facing unprecedented Repression axios


religion a political tool: Rafidah: fears for Malaysia’s future

Maria Chin seeks order to quash Shariah contempt proceedings

more younger people dying of covid19


Kissinger warns Washington accept New Global System geopolitically imagine that the world commits itself to an endless competition based on the dominance of whoever is superior at the moment, then a breakdown of the order is inevitable. And the consequences of a breakdown would be catastrophic……urged the U.S. to understand that not every issue has “final solutions”

US-NATO GEOPOLITICS Washington diplomacy in recent months appeared to have managed to “flip” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to support of US interests in several critical countries from Libya to Armenia to Ukraine, even Afghanistan. Has US lured Erdogan into a Bear Trap? F. William Engdahl

murdering student protesters Laurel Krause and Prof. Mickey Huff : When Ohio National Guardsmen fired sixty-seven gun shots in thirteen seconds at Kent State University (KSU) on May 4, 1970, they murdered four unarmed, protesting college students and wouast 42 years the US government has held that Kent State was a tragic and unfortunate incident occurring at an antiwar rally on an American college campus. In 2010, j forensic evidence emergednded nine others…..For the l showing that ……..

Boris Johnson BREXIT UK-ME Secrets Alan Duncan’s Diaries: An Insider’s Account 


Crime-against-humanity: India covid catastrophe every taunt and barb rises to a high note mid-sentence before it falls away in a menacing echo, he stirred up the crowd. “If a kabristan is built in a village, a shamshan should also be constructed there,” Modi had not one word of sympathy to offer, only a long, gloating boast about India’s infrastructure and Covid-preparedness.


US-China doomsday threat ramped-up by hi-tech advances “For the first time in human history, humanity has the capacity to extinguish itself in a finite period of time,” Kissinger said.

tackling cross-country inequality is the key to global stability International Monetary Fund highlights in its April World Economic Outlook, there is a dangerous global divergence. The horrific wave of Covid-19 in India is likely a preview of what is still to come across much of the developing world, where poverty has exploded….

uk-sends-gunboats jersey french-vessels-st-helier brexit-fishing-rights

falun-gong media epoch-times democrats chinese-communists

Islamic Renaissance Front

our humanity our identity Identity politics has been on the ascendancy in many parts of the world in the last few decades. Its relationship to ethnicity, culture and religion is what concerns us at this point. To understand this relationship one has to consider the context. We should also try to explain the impact of identity politics upon religion itself.


TONY BLAIR has carved out a new role for himself as a self-appointed tutor to the governments of the world. The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (TBI): defines its mission in the following terms: “To equip political leaders and governments with the tools they need to create open, inclusive and prosperous societies in a globalised world.”😈

Saudi Arabia Is Trying to Sell Its Ultra-Authoritarian Monarchy to Middle America Saudi Arabia has not, and will not, seek to intentionally damage U.S. shale oil producers.” To move its influence operation from the Beltway to the heartland……


To breach 5K by June

Begging for mercy Family members of 22 ethnic Indian men detained under Sosma in 2019 pleaded for mercy and demanded justice for their kin whom they said were assaulted and tortured while in the Jelebu Prison……

govt-fails-to-strike-out malaysian-mothers-lawsuit seeking-citizenship


The Myth of American Exceptionalism


A ruling capitalist class with vast wealth and power, is small in number but extremely well organized to defend its own interests. These key leaders of monopoly-finance capital, the dominant sector of the plutocratic capitalist class, are worried and want to control key economic and foreign policy decisions going forward. Inevitably,
Biden has chosen a top decision-making team of mostly professional-class people, the great majority of whom are closely connected to the plutocracy through participation in leading think tanks, strategic advisory policy groups, and large corporations. They are also mostly alumni of the top plutocratic-connected universities. Such cohort of well trained and well connected insiders have long played a key role in the system, devising solutions to the problems of monopoly-finance capitalism while always maintaining neoliberalism, such as the privatization of state functions to incorporate them into the capitalist profit and accumulation system. One key problem among many is their common educational and life experiences, see:

Global military spending-reached-highest


Kushner-companies violated multiple laws inmassive tenant-dispute-judge rule

Judge Throws Out Nationwide Eviction Moratorium


coup has robbed us our rightsiwpr ■■■ A HUMAN TRAGEDY bangkokpostMyanmar’s military disappearing young men to crush uprising apnews

The Myanmar Coup and Aung San Suu Kyi morningstar

Facing ASEAN’s intervention in Myanmar

Russia is betting on Myanmar’s junta Artyom Lukin, Far Eastern Federal University and Andrey Gubin, Russian Institute for Strategic Studies : Moscow noted as an encouraging sign that the military intended to hold a new parliamentary election. Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti  justified the coup by arguing that the Myanmar army, the Tatmadaw, is the only viable guarantor of the multi-ethnic country’s unity and peace; had held talks with junta leader Senior General Min Aung Hlaing as ‘Russia’s reliable ally and strategic partner in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacificand emphasised that Moscow ‘adheres to the strategic course of enhancing relations between the two countries’.■■■ china-throwing-support behind-diplomatic-efforts end-myanmar-coup Newsweek ■■■

increase-rare-earth-mining-myanmar-may-funding-junta thetelegraph




US military bases around-the-world


A Vision for our European Future


How the Communists won Kerala again!

What does critics do



India: profits before people

pay-your-taxes where-your-profit-is : Numerous tax scandals, such as the Panama PapersLux Leaks and latterly Open Lux, have demonstrated how easy it is for large corporations to circumvent national tax laws. To avoid their tax obligations or reporting requirements, multinational enterprises (MNEs) create shell companies or corporate structures with which they operate in several European Union member states or even worldwide…………

Disability and Employment: Towards a New Economic Model : The echoes still resonated from the gas leak from Union Carbide in Bhopal in India in 1984, the conflict between indigenous Mapuche in Chile and the privatised Endesa company around the turn of the millennium over its construction of a hydroelectric dam and the protracted environmental disaster in the Niger Delta arising from oil discharges from pipelines belonging to the Dutch company Shell.…..



India can learn China’s experience

China tops agenda: G7 Foreign-Ministers meet

British fleet will set sail to Asia



SCOTLAND’s cry for freedom

journalist-bill-birtles-on fleeing china ■■■ Singapore should rescind HMS E invite


BJP: west Bengal Hindutva diversity in an India Proud of its Diversity Politics Chances are the Modi-Shah combine will still continue with its strategy to impose Hindutva on the entire country.


Manifesto for the Revolutionary Transformation of the Working-Class To all fighters for the workers and the oppressed of the world, especially those who dwell in the belly of the world’s biggest imperialist beast, the United States: We can no longer ignore, evade or otherwise deny the fundamental problems blocking the path of the workers to class struggle and socialist revolution…..


Withdraw unjustified Xinjiang Genocide allegation ■■■ Travel to Xinjiang ○■○ 37:35 Cyrus Janssen ■■■ OUT OF GOBI

US is trying to light the match of Islamic extremism in china’s Xinjiang

Xinjiang – China’s new territory or East Turkestan? The Times of India inhabited by the Turkic and Mongol……was ruled by numerous khans of different tribes, but conquered by China in the middle of the 18th century …….

Artificial Intelligence research-might-be-going-down a-dead-end the salon ■■■ Car spies U the intercept




Australia beating Drums of War with China

China’s space station and The Quad

Zaha-Hadid design Sleuk-Rith Institute in Cambodia wallpaper

How do jellyfish swim?

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